Ethics management

Sekonix fosters an ethical corporate culture by respecting the laws and ethics.
Employee Mutual Ethics
  • Forming factions or engaging in discrimination based on one’s educational attainment, gender, religion, kinship, hometown, etc. is prohibited.

  • Unfair solicitation and money transaction activities and personal receipt of money and valuables between executives and employees are prohibited.

Prohibition of Unethical Conduct toward Subcontractors
  • Employees should not accept money and valuables (including vouchers), reception (including treat to a meal), conveniences, or gifts from external stakeholders.

  • Valuables and marketable securities are not gifts, so employees must not accept them regardless of occasion.

  • Employees should neither benefit from the vicarious payment of their card bill, credit bill, loans, etc. by external stakeholders nor receive any profits in property, such as movable assets, real estate, marketable securities, business rights, and membership from them.

  • Employees should not be involved in any economic transactions, including cash loan, sales and purchase, and lease, with external stakeholders.

  • Employees should not be offered security (including surety) by external stakeholders.

Company Property Protection and Security Maintenance
  • Employees should maintain confidentiality and take control of information, planning data, etc. on the company’s sales, finance, personnel, or technology (including information obtained from other companies during the period of service) and must refrain from disclosing or leaking them to the outside or a third party without prior approval or permission following the stipulated plan and procedures of the company.

  • Employees should not trade any property rights including stocks using confidential information of the Company, clients, or subcontractors learned during the period of service.

Voluntary Report
  • Any employee receiving valuables, reception, conveniences, or gifts exceeding the aforementioned criteria should report to the ethics management department within two days.

sekonix accepts reports on unfair business management by its employees, unreasonable demand using their positions, and corruption while ensuring non-disclosure.

Reports can be written either anonymously or in your name. The confidentiality of your identity is maintained even if you report in your name.

Cases excluded from reporting

  • Non-factual slander
  • Privacy-related matters
  • Cases not related to sekonix
Confidentiality of the Reporter’s Identity

Confidentiality of the Reporter’s Identity

  • All employees should not leak the identity of a reporter even if they happen to find out in connection with their duty or by chance.

  • Any action that can lead to revealing the identity of a reporter, including inquiry on the identity of the reporter or tracking down, is prohibited.

  • Disclosure of or allusion to the identity of a reporter or an assistant in investigation without his or her agreement is prohibited.

  • Any violation of the duty of identity protection can lead to punishment.

Prohibition of disadvantages for reporters

  • Disadvantages in any form toward reporters are prohibited

Handling Procedure

  • Regarding the contents of the report, we will notify you of the results within one month after conducting our own investigation.

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