Human Rights Charter

  • Article 1 (Respect for Human Rights)

    We respect our stakeholders, including all executives and employees, as human beings, and ensure that no coercion, abuse, or unreasonable treatment occurs mentally or physically.

  • Article 2 (Prohibition of Forced Labor)

    We do not unreasonably restrict the physical freedom of all executives and employees or force them to work against their free will, and do not require the transfer of government-issued IDs, passports or work permits as a condition of employment.

  • Article 3 (Prohibition of Child Labor)

    We observe the minimum employment age stipulated by the countries and regions where we do business, and prevent labor practices that endanger or harm human dignity by taking immediate remedies if we become aware of the employment of a minor.

  • Article 4 (Prohibition of Discrimination)

    We do not discriminate any executive or employee in recruitment, promotion, compensation, education and retirement due to their social status such as gender, race, age, area of origin, religion, disability, pregnancy, marital status, political orientation, etc.

  • Article 5 (Working Hours)

    We observe regular working hours in accordance with the labor-related laws of the countries and regions where we do business, and do not violate regulations related to overtime and holidays.

  • Article 6 (Wages and Welfare)

    We pay more than the minimum wage in accordance with the labor-related laws of the country and region where we do business, and contribute to economic stability and quality of life for all employees by operating a welfare system and in-house fund.

  • Article 7 (Freedom of Association)

    We guarantee freedom of association, collective bargaining, and right to act in accordance with the labor-related laws and regulations stipulated in the country and region where we do business, and do not treat unfairly for reasons of union membership and activities.

  • Article 8 (Protection of Stakeholders' Information)

    The personal information of stakeholders collected during business activities is strictly protected as confidential and is not transferred to others without the prior consent of the stakeholders.

Area Principle
Human Rights

Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.

Businesses should make an active effort not to become complicit in human rights violations.


Businesses should support freedom of association and the substantive recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

All forms of forced labor should be ruled out.

Child labor should be effectively abolished.

Discrimination should be abolished in employment and work.


Businesses should oppose all forms of corruption including extortion and bribery.