HR System


SEKONIX has a HR philosophy that places more importance on internal performance (performance/reward) rather than external appearance (position/promotion).

We are implementing a performance-based compensation and treatment policy by applying differentiated salaries according to the individual and organizational performance, and share the profits from management performance differentially.

Wage System

  • Basic Salary

    Differential application by annual salary level

  • Management Performance Pay

    Differential payment of profits for business performance

  • Incentive

    Payment to employees with excellent performance and ability

  • Ability-based Rank System

    SEKONIX evaluates and rewards according to experience and ability, regardless of age, gender, or nationality. Through this, we arouse the passion of our members and provide fair opportunities for everyone to grow.

  • Open Opportunity

    By fairly opening up opportunities and systems to move to higher positions, we guarantee sufficient growth opportunities, helping all employees to autonomously demonstrate their capabilities toward a common goal.

Evaluation System

SEKONIX pursues the continuous growth of its employees based on transparent, fair, objective and rational evaluation.

All principles and standards of the SEKONIX HR system are focused on "employee growth".

  • 01. Goal Setting

  • 02. Transparent / Fair Evaluation

  • 03. Nurturing Feedback