Company Overview

Created in 1988,
SEKONIX is an optical electronic components manufacturer that operates on the basis of its plastic optical technology.

  • Since its early days, SEKONIX has operated on the basis of its technology for producing optical pickup lenses, and in 1998, the company was the world’s third and South Korea’s first developer of CRT projection TV lens, successfully implementing its domestic production. In 2002, SEKONIX became South Korea’s first developer and mass-producer of mobile camera lenses. In 2006, it developed and started manufacturing automotive cameras , and in 2012, it implemented endless technological development and innovation through new technology by successfully developing ultra-small PICO projector module to be built in mobile phones.
  • With its business philosophy that promotes management that prizes people and technology and the company culture based on communication and mutual respect, SEKONIX is an optics specialized company attuned to the new era through the innovation of foundational technology and endless R&D investment. By developing technology and releasing products of PICO projector and HUD system, which have been established as its new growth potential, SEKONIX will continue to grow as a global company specializing in optics tech and a pioneer of new technology.
A Company That Projects Limitless Growth into the 21st Century
  • Through its R&D that looks the future, SEKONIX registers limitless growth potential. By developing smartphone’s rear/front camera lens, automotive camera, PICO projector, and optical film, SEKONIX continues to develop with its R&D that stays a step ahead of others. With such investment for developing new technology, its skills, and resources for mass production, the company now solidifies its vision for a company that makes unlimited growth into the 21st century.
A Pioneer in Ultra-Precision Electronic Optics Component Industry
  • As the forerunner of South Korea’s electronic optics component industry, SEKONIX has developed and produced plastic optical devices and components since its foundation in 1988.Currently, SEKONIX owns ultra-precision micro lens injection machines and produces in its clean room equipped with perfect air conditioning system subminiature image modules for portable data communication devices and lenses such as mobile camera phone lens and CCD/CMOS lens, optical modules for DLP, and automotive cameras, in which it supplies to different countries around the world. Equipped with perfect measuring and evaluation equipment, SEKONIX always pursues accuracy and reliability.
A Company That Does Its Best for Customer Satisfaction
  • To satisfy detailed needs of numerous customers, SEKONIX not only organizes a diversified product lineup, but also does its best to provide perfect quality assurance as well as prompt and accurate post-sales support.
    Also, by developing eco-friendly products, the SEKONIX strictly complies with the rapidly changing environmental regulations and fulfills the responsibility for customer satisfaction with specialized technology that is maintained through independent technology development.