• Management Performance Pay

    Performance compensation at the end of the year based on sales and operating profit

  • Reward System

    Long-term employee reward, foundation anniversary reward, exemplary employee reward

  • Vacations

    Annual leave, congratulations and condolences leave

  • Support for Congratulations and Condolences

    Congratulatory and condolence funds, wreaths, and congratulatory items are provided in case of congratulations and condolences.

  • Employee Health Checkup

    Annual health checkup

  • Club Support

    Support for club activity expenses

  • Support for Children's School Expenses

    Financial aid for preschool children

  • Resort Condominium Support

    Supporting employees' leisure life with discount benefits related to the resort condominium partnership

  • 52 Hours per Week

    Compliance with statutory working hours

  • Lunch and Dinner Assistance

    Meals provided