Grievance Counseling

Counseling on grievances of executives and employees

We strive to create a safe and sound organizational culture so that employees do not suffer from difficulties or damage in the workplace such as grievances related to employees' performance, work environment, sexual harassment or violence, and workplace harassment.

We will do our best to ensure that the informant's privacy or personality is protected as a top priority and that there is no disadvantage in keeping confidentiality or personnel management of the informant. Clear evidence is needed to clarify the facts because the personality and honor of the person to be reported should also be respected for the undisclosed issues. Please fill out the information according to the 5W1H principles as much as possible.

Note: Any information received other than for the purpose of counseling executives’ and employees' grievances will be discarded.
  • STEP.1

    Report preparation

    (counseling application)
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  • STEP.4


1. Customer information required

  • Name

    Can be accepted anonymously

    Affiliated department

  • Cell phone



    You can receive a reply to the results of the action when you write an accurate e-mail.

2. Content of grievance required

  • Title


    • Who

    • when

    • where

    • Content

  • Attachment

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