Optical Electronics


  • FSC


  • RVM

  • HUD

  • CMS

It recognizes the surroundings of the vehicle through the front camera ADAS sensor, notifies the driver in case of danger, and brakes/controls the vehicle.

  • FSC(Front Sensing Camera)

    This camera is used for forward collision warning, pedestrian detection warning, and lane departure warning.

  • CMS(Camera monitoring system, Digital Mirror)

    It is a technology that installs a camera sensor in the place where the existing side-view mirror used to be, and it is a device that grasps the driving situation of vehicles on the side and displays it on a monitor.

  • LiDAR Optical System(Emitter / Receiver Lens)

    High-resolution Flash LiDAR

    Solid state type

  • HDP(Highway Driving Pilot)

    When entering a highway or arterial road, the vehicle can automatically steer instead of the driver.

In parking and low-speed driving situations, the camera and ultrasonic sensor display and detect nearby vehicles and pedestrians to alert the driver of danger, and in emergency situations, the brake control protects the driver.

  • AVM(Around View Monitoring system)

    This is a parking safety system that helps you to park easily and safely by checking the external situation of the vehicle with a monitor inside the vehicle.

  • RVM(Rear View Monitoring System)

    This is a parking safety system that shows the rear status of the vehicle on the infotainment system screen when reversing.

  • RSPA(Remote Smart Parking Assist)

    A parking convenience system that helps you park and exit the vehicle remotely from outside the vehicle.

  • AR-HUD(Augmented Reality-Head Up Display)

    It is an augmented reality-based product that superimposes information directly on vehicles, roads, and pedestrians in front, rather than displaying information unilaterally.

    • 화살표 이미지

      High-Resolution 3D Flash LiDAR

    • -

      High-resolution 3D Flash LiDAR Transmitter/Receiver Lens

    • -

      Solid state remote sensing

    DLP PGU for HUD and Window Display

    Picture Generation Unit using DLP for Automotive

    Automotive AR HUD and rear & side window display module

  • Normal HUD

    As a basic HUD product, it is a product that provides the driver with only essential information necessary for driving in the form of an icon.

A foundation technology that provides safety and convenience for passengers in high-level self-driving mode, providing a variety of safety convenience technologies to passengers in level 3 or higher self-driving mode. (In-cabin camera system)

  • DSM(Driver State Monitoring)

    The infrared camera installed inside the car detects the driver's condition through the driver's eye movements and changes in the facial muscles to prevent careless driving and drowsy driving.

  • OSM(Occupant Status Monitoring)

    The occupant safety monitor detects and warns you if you are too close or too far away from the airbag.

  • TOF Camera (Time Of Flight)

    It is a camera that measures the amount of time that light is emitted and reflected. It can accurately detect an object in a short time and is used for gesture recognition or pose recognition of the driver.

  • Outdoor Robot RGB IR Stereo Camera

    Robotic Camera for Outdoor Delivery

    Location awareness and terrain awareness

    Day/Night operation

  • RGB camera for home appliances

    Built-in recognition camera of food and object inside home appliances (refrigerator, oven, styler, etc.)

    140 degree wide-angle lens application

    Heat wire is applied to prevent frost

    Check the contents of home appliances with a smartphone app