• Ambient Mood Lamp

  • 1. Head Lamp


  • Logo Puddle Lamp

  • Rear Lamp

  • Head Lamp

    A lighting system installed to provide information such as the driver's field of view and the driving direction to the driver across the road with lamps installed in front of the car.

    Production Item Main Light Source LED Module DRL / T-SIG LED Module Fog LED Module
    Configuration Injection+D/C+LAM+Aspheric Lens Injection+LAM Injection+D/C+LAM+Aspheric Lens

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  • Rear Lamp

    A lighting system installed to inform the rear driver of the driving direction and status with lamps installed in the rear of the vehicle

    Production Item Rear LED Module(Turn & Tail & Fog & Stop) Small Things Lamp(Rear)
    Rear R/R HMSL
    Configuration Injection+LAM+LDM Injection (Vibration welding) Injection+LAM

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  • Aspherical Lens for Headlamp

    The role of refracting and diffusing the light emitted from the light source

    Item Glass Lens Plastic Lens MLA Lens
    Method Press Injection (Multi-lamination injection) Imprinting

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  • Heatsink for Headlamp

    The role of absorbing heat generated by the LED and dissipating it to the outside

    Item Diecasting Heatsink Plastic Heatsink Extrusion Heatsink
    Material ADC12, Magnesium PA6, PA66, PPS, MPPO AL1000 series, AL6000 series

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  • Ambient Mood Lamp

    Vibrantly design the interior of the vehicle, secure the driver's safety for night driving, and realize a luxurious interior

    Indirect Lighting Method

    A natural way of producing light between the door and trim

    Direct Lighting Method

    A method of producing uniform light using optical fibers

  • Logo Puddle Lamp

    Applied as welcome light, signal lamp & exterior lamp for vehicle

    Divided into chart mask type for simple logo and pattern formation and DLP type for simple video and animation effects

  • ADB(Adaptive Driving Beam)

    A system that works in conjunction with the front camera system to prevent glare from the other party and assist in driving stability when driving at night.

    Digital Matrix DLP Light (DMD Head Light)

    By utilizing a high-resolution DLP panel using micro mirror technology, fine control of the front beam prevents glare from the other party and implements signals and characters on the road surface.

    Micro LED Head Light

    Controls the front beam by controlling independent LEDs in an array of very small LED chips, preventing the other party from glare

  • Design Technique

    CATIA V5 / CADIAN / OR CAD / Reduce design time, reduce cost, and secure internal and external competitiveness through PADS-optimized design


    Classification Software
    Instrument Design CATIA-V5 3D modeling structural review / Assembling review
    Circuit & PCB Design OR CAD Design circuit creation / Component placement and wiring

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  • Analysis Technique

    Heat Dissipation Analysis

    • Structural shape suggestion to improve heat dissipation characteristics

    • Analysis of heat dissipation characteristics by material and shape

    • Determination of suitability for mass production through heat flow analysis

    Injection Analysis

    • Flow, deformation and cooling analysis of plastic injection products

    • Optimal gate location and quantity selection

    • Pre-detection and verification of injection product problems

    Optical Analysis

    Area Parameters Measure Value
    75L (-3.43; -0.57)(0.05; 0.05) Average 715.029 cd
    75L_LXP (-3.43; -0.57)(1;1) Average 1878.42 cd

    Micro pattern design

    • Aspheric lens micro pattern design

    • Product pattern modeling for optical analysis

    • Core pattern modeling for core machining